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Mystical Matcha

I Love You So Matcha

Matcha is super popular these days and it’s about time this superfood is noticed for its super powers! From cafes to health food stores, lattes to baked goods, smoothies to matcha is making its mark. It has been a cornerstone in Japanese tea ceremonies for years and has recently become more popular due to its health benefits. Finally, matcha has become more mainstream and more available to enjoy. There are many ways to incorporate this superfood.

Originated in Japan, and made from harvested green tea leaves, matcha is a green tea powder. It is actually the entire green tea leaf in powdered form, where green tea is just the tips of the leaves. Matcha also contains more powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals compared to its cousin green tea. The vibrant green colour shows it’s rich in chlorophyll. While green tea has always been touted and known for being healthy, matcha is the true superstar of the fam. This is because the entire green tea leaf is being used and consumed.

Did you know that 1 cup of matcha contains antioxidants equal to 10 cups of green tea? It also has half of the caffeine compared to 1 cup of coffee. The caffeine in matcha is also slowly released so you won’t get jittery or buzzy, just rather you will experience a more alert and focused state.

Matcha contains the catechin EGCG which has strong anti cancer properties. It is found in both green tea and in matcha but is 140 times higher in matcha. It also contains the nutrient L-theanine which boosts brain function and alertness, and decreases stress and anxiety.

The making of a cup of matcha is very ceremonious and calming in itself. The ancient

practice of making matcha is considered a ritual and follows a specific technique. Whisking it into hot (not boiling) water or

milk is always the first step when making a drink to help dissolve the powder. Once blended you would then add more liquid of choice, either hot or cold nut milk or perhaps water and ice. The method of whisking is more than just stirring with a spoon as the traditional way uses a bamboo whisk in a shallow bowl following a swift “M” pattern. The whisk helps to break up any clumps and creates a light froth on the top. The whole method brings a slow and peaceful mindfulness into the process making your cup of matcha that much more special. When used in smoothies, baking, or other recipes the matcha is used in it’s powder form.

When sourcing matcha, always look for pure matcha with no added ingredients. Stay away from any powders with sugars, sweeteners, fillers, additives, and anything artificial. Many cafes that serve matcha are basically serving matcha flavoured fake sugar drinks. Matcha does have an earthy grassy taste which may be too strong if you aren’t accustomed to it, so you can try adding your own natural sweetness in the form of a few drops of pure honey or maple syrup to your liking.

Benefits of Matcha:

-jitter-less sustained energy

-keeps you focused and clear

-tastes delicate, earthy, and not bitter

-ignites metabolism and thermogenesis

-rich in chlorophyll

-heart healthy due to reducing LDL cholesterol

-very versatile

-calming and grounding

How do you like your matcha?

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