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Loving oneself is the key to contentment and inner peace. You actually glow differently when you love yourself! Self acceptance and self love can be difficult especially with constant self comparison due to social media or because of busy schedules. But you owe yourself some love, lots of it!

Accepting one's imperfections and appreciating one’s uniqueness may take effort and time but it is so well worth it, and practicing self care should be a priority. By prioritizing your needs you are increasing your confidence, energy, and positivity leading to feeling empowered. Release expectations, validations, and expectations from the outside world, and focus more on connecting to you and nurturing the relationship to self.

Take time for yourself, pamper yourself, go ahead and please treat yourself to some of your favorite things. It is not selfish to take care of yourself, it is a necessity for good health and happiness.

Some ways we love to spoil ourselves because we deserve it:

  • Tell yourself “I love you”, even better in front of a mirror

  • Book a lymphatic drainage massage, bonus with seaweed wrap

  • Take an essential oil or epsom salt bath

  • Sleep in or go to sleep earlier

  • Read a new book

  • Pick up the latest issue of Vogue

  • Go for “Love Cupping” , read more below

  • Cook your favorite comfort food

  • Enjoy some dark chocolate

  • Apply a charcoal face mask

  • Jade rolling while watching a rom-com

  • Snuggle!

“Love Cupping” is a form of body cupping performed using heart shaped suction cups.

Cupping is an ancient form of healing and preventative health care with many wonderful benefits:

-increases circulation

-helps rid the body of toxins

-improves digestion

-alleviates muscle soreness

-calms the nervous system

-improves congestion

-promotes relaxation

We love cupping and indulging in much needed and deserved self care rituals…and just so you know…

The Well Club loves YOU!

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