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Sick and Tired

Sick and tired is a real thing. Poor sleep weakens your immune system, worsens depression, and increases your appetite and cravings.

Sleep is the foundation to good health. It is often neglected in this constantly on-the-go world, put on the back burner to get something finished, or for a busy social calendar. I get it, a night out is always fun but do you ever wish you went home just a bit earlier. Sleep when you’re dead, right? Wrong! A lack of sleep will bring that on much sooner than you want. Yikes!

One night of bad sleep decreases insulin sensitivity and leads to weight gain. This is because of the poor food decisions made due cravings and hormones being affected all caused by the lack of sleep. Ever notice how the day after a wild or late night all you want to eat is junk? The craving for carbs is legit due to the lack of sleep.

Why you should prioritize sleep:

-cell growth

-cell renewal and healing

-memory enhancement

-energy restoration

-illness prevention

-hormone balancing

-weight control

-depression and anxiety reducing

-blood sugar and insulin balancing

Tips for good sleep:

-exercise earlier

-fresh air

-nighttime routine

-peaceful bedroom

-no electronics at least one hour before bedtime

-no alcohol, caffeine, acidic or spicy food in the evening

-de-stress with meditation or gentle yoga

-consider a magnesium or herbal supplement

-consistent bedtime hour

Aim for 7-9 hours to look and feel your best! Your mood and your appearance will be brighter and fresher. You will also be more patient and be able to deal with stress more easily. If you struggle with bedtime or sleep be sure to look for a future post on creating the ultimate relaxing night time routine.

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