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Toss the Toxins: Tips For Shifting to a Toxic Free Environment

A healthy life starts in the home...and small steps can have a big effect. Toxins wreak havoc on your health negatively impacting many systems in the body. Suffering from hormonal imbalances or poor gut health may be a signal to reduce your toxic load.

A good place to start is with your home!

Head to your cupboards where you keep your cleaning supplies - now remove anything that has major “warning” “dangerous” “toxic” or “explosive” labels on it (seems a little extreme when you read it in print like that.. .doesn’t it).

Now take a few minutes to do your research. A great resource is - Skin Deep. You will find products listed and rated based on their toxicity level. You want to look for products that have a rating of 1-2 hazardous level and STAY CLEAR of the 4-10s!

This is also a great way to understand what’s going into the products you are using and more importantly, in your home.

Step 3 - repeat! Make your way through all of your cupboards in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and anywhere else you may have cleaning supplies.

A little vinegar, warm water, and lemon go a long way!

Enjoy your healthy toxic-free home!

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